Tülin Onat GAME OVER! Witnessing Gezi Park

Witnessing Gezi Park
Tülin Onat

Curator: Sinan Eren Erk
September 12 – October 29 2017
Opening: Tuesday, September 12 - 18:00-21:00


The personal exhibition of TülinOnat's new series opens on Tuesday, September 12, at Piramid Sanat.

The Gezi Park protests have changed millions of people’s lives forever since the first day of the resistance. The resistance that started in Taksim’sGezi Park and spread all over the country and whose traces are still continuing today, is a mass protest not only being one of the most important events in the recent history of Turkey but also being a rare example in the world with its magnitude.

Onat, who joined the Gezi protests, presents to the audience with what she has been through since 2013 and her perspective of the resistance with GAME OVER: WitnessingGezi Park exhibition.

The exhibition, which is curated by SinanErenErk, allows for a new reading of the before and after of the Gezi protests through TülinOnat’s perspective.

“The artist creates not only an individual but also a social breathing space on this important path in her personal history, and then presents to the audience through the canvas how this area is getting smaller and how it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe. Thus, she breaks the usual perception of the image and reflects the viewer their lack of self-sufficiency, despair and fuss. She uses art, as ‘Pandora’s Box’ to show that there are still hopes. Because it is the most effective way to stand in front of the order that forces people to choose between “the lesser of the two evils.” –SinanErenErk

The exhibition, which presents a very different and new outlook from Onat’s paintings both in content and technically over the years, can be seen at Piramid Sanat until October 29, 2017.


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